Fashion Fix with Bydie Mangos

Fashion Fix
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New to Sandali Home is a beautiful collection of womenswear. The first range from up-and-coming local designer Brydie Mangos, Sandy and Ali were really excited to work in close collaboration with Brydie to create a bespoke collection for Sandali. The range has been designed, cut and crafted in New Zealand and features four key pieces: the look is stylish simplicity at its best.
We talk to Brydie to find out more about the journey from concept to creation.
I believe that you’re a local designer, tell me a bit about your background:
I’ve always had an interest in fashion and growing up was inspired by my mum’s bold fashion choices. My Grandma and Aunt were both textile teachers, and my Grandma taught me to sew when I was about five. My parents really encouraged me to study what I loved, so I went on to take Fashion Design at Massey, where I got my Bachelor of Design majoring in fashion with Honors. Post university while I was working in Wellington I was approached by Sandy and Ali about the opportunity to create a small range.
How did things progress from there?
I met with them to try and figure out what they were looking for, then I went away and designed a whole load of options. I came up with different concepts, they picked their favourites and we went from there.
The collection is crafted from linen. Why?
As a fabric it definitely suits the way I design and the aesthetic I love, and it was perfect for the look that Sandy and Ali wanted for the pieces. It also totally suits the ethos and the style of the store. I had said to Sandy and Ali that I wanted to use natural fibres – I’m quite interested in sustainability and like to be sustainable in the way that I create.
Producing NZ made pieces at this price point is quite an achievement! How did you find the experience?
There are definitely obstacles to producing in here, obviously it’s more expensive but we all really wanted to support New Zealand at this stage. It was my first time producing a collection, and the manufacturer was so amazing, giving me so many inside tips and so much information. Of course, there’s loads of ethical factories overseas which are great to use, but producing NZ made was an incredible first experience.
Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
I do! I really like the shirt, I love the shaping, the cuffs and the pattern that was made. The tunic dress is also very me.
What do you want the wearer to experience from your clothes?
The aim of the collection and the collaboration was to create something very simple and comfortable that people feel great wearing.
Do you plan to extend the range?
Well, it was such a fun process and so fully collaborative between myself, Sandy and Ali – right down to us all deciding everything from colours to which buttons to use. It was amazing. So, all I can say is that we have a few other great ideas in the pipeline…
Written by Nicky Adams