Jackie Barklie - Echo

Jackie Barklie - Echo

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Jackie Barklie - Echo
A Dialogue With Space 

H: 1.3m x W: 1.53m 

We all leave our marks behind in a space that once we called home. Leaving a mark seems to be an intrinsic need for humanity.


It’s about connecting and disconnecting, revealing and sharing. 


Jacki’s intuitive, and expressive response in achieving this body of work is explorative. 


She plays with spontaneity on raw unstretched canvas, floating the canvas over pigments, allowing the stains to imbed themselves, becoming one with the threads. 


She takes this organic approach further by layering, building up shapes, then taking away, defining, mark making, then smudging.


She allows the canvas to find its own identity.


Marks have no words but they tell a story.

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